Nashville‘s Bad Boys Speak Up

Just when I think all I care about on Nashville are the girls, the men I cannot stand on the show finally speak up and have some very important things to say.

Like Avery. I hate him and all of his woe-is-me ways, and yet during Wednesday night’s (Oct. 9) episode when he was yelling at Juliette, I found him insightful and pretty dead-on. They were playing at some over-the-top wealthy couple’s house in Maryland, and Juliette was just being, well, Juliette. So Avery let her have it.

“I came here because I thought we were friends. But I’m just another guy on the payroll,” he said. “The sad thing is you choose to live this way. Unattached. Unavailable. No commitments to anyone or anything but yourself.”

How true it that? He also had this advice for Juliette: “Careful. Defiance is a drug. It can make you do stupid things.”

Then it was Teddy’s turn for words of wisdom. For Deacon, who’d come to see him to make amends. It’s one of the AA’s 12 steps to make direct amends to the people you’ve harmed. But Teddy? Not so supportive of Deacon’s recovery.

“You have a responsibility here,” he told the biological father of the daughter he raised. “Maddie is never gonna stop watching you, Deacon. Never. And she’s gonna take note of every choice you make.”

Ultimately, Deacon did make some progress at AA. He finally told the story of his own father — a horrible, mean drunk — who would throw casseroles at his mom and whip his sister with his belt. It was all very “That’s Why I’m Here.”

And now Deacon will have plenty of time to work on getting sober because Rayna (the love of his life) is back in bed with her producer Liam.

Also, Peggy is still fooling Teddy into thinking she’s pregnant, Juliette slept with Charlie (the man who hired her to play at his wedding anniversary party in Maryland), Charlie owns Hank Sr.’s old 1952 Gibson SJ guitar, Rayna can’t sing since the accident and Scarlett finally traded in her frumpy calico shirtwaists for a properly slutty corset-style black-and-red dress.

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