Country Stars: The Meanest Tweets Ever

Twitter can be a real bitch sometimes — to me, to you and even to the celebrities out there who make the kind of music we love. Because people who tweet occasionally have no filter, so they just say what they want regardless of who it might hurt. They do it because there’s this cloak of anonymity about the social networking site. Well, there was. Until Jimmy Kimmel came along — God love him — and makes a mockery of the mean tweeters.

Last week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he had a special musician edition of his Mean Tweets segment . A segment he said was “where we ask celebrities to read some of the terrible things people write about them on Twitter.” And this time, Darius Rucker, Zac Brown, Lady Antebellum, Kid Rock, Brad Paisley and others joined Kimmel to call out the trash talkers (in this case, @trainedhedonist, @glenyrd, @duh_freeehill and more.)

Here are the tweets some of the artists read aloud, complete with sad faces and hurt feelings

Rucker: “I’d rather hear Morgan Freeman talk me through [expletive] than hear @Dariusrucker sing a power ballad.

Brown: “@zacbrownband — your music used to be good and I could jam to it but now it sucks major [expletive] fix it holy [expletive].”

Dave Haywood: @ladyantebellum singing the national anthem actually kind of makes me hate America.”

Kid Rock: “Thinking of unfriending everyone on Facebook who’s status update is ’@KidRock concert was awesome!’ Have a little respect for yourself.”

Paisley: “@bradpaisley I don’t know your music because I don’t drive a pickup and I don’t sleep with my sister.”

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