Luke Bryan on His Little Cantaloupe Salesmen

After all he’s accomplished in this country music career, it’s hard to imagine what else Luke Bryan could possibly hope for in his future. But after reading the People magazine special country issue, I think I know what he wants for his sons’ future. He’d loved for them to be — of all things — cantaloupe salesmen. He told the magazine he’s trying to raise his boys, Bo, 5, and Tate, 3, in just the same way he was raised.

So, he’s in the process of creating a home where he can do just that. The new place he’s been building just south of Nashville has its own trout stream, bass lake and a garden. Because of that, he can teach Bo and Tate to fish, tend to a garden and maybe ultimately make that garden a little side business.

“I’d love for them to grow cantaloupes, load them up on trucks and run them down to a farmers market and learn how to sell them,” Bryan told the magazine. Already that garden on the Bryan’s property has okra and tomatoes he picks and makes for dinner.

The new place for Bryan, wife Caroline and the boys is 169 acres, with a 10,000-sq.-ft. home with five bedrooms. So they’ll have plenty of space to roam around and enjoy the fruits of Bryan’s labor. But way back before he was Luke Bryan, he was just the son of a peanut farmer doing the same kinds of things to help his dad out.

“As a kid I’d pick peas and cantaloupes and drive my dad’s peanut wagon. I want my boys to grow something and see the process,” Bryan said.

However, he added, “Being me right now is amazing. I married the girl of my dreams, I have two beautiful children and I have the career of my dreams.”

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