Connie Britton Answers, but What Would Rayna Say?

This is a nice Q&A with Nashville star Connie Britton . I found it on the People magazine website, and I love when they have celebs picking five random questions out of a box (OK, maybe they aren’t that random) and answering them without thinking too much because they only have 60 seconds to do so.

In this one, Britton answers dutifully the questions about the Mandarin language, her son, football and so on.

A great Mandarin phrase to pull out at parties? She gives one that just means, “Hi, how are you doing?” Britton studied in Beijing when she was majoring in Asian studies at Dartmouth College.

The song she says she usually sings when no one is listening? “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John, even though she refuses to sing it in the video. I wonder if she knows Tim McGraw’s version of the song? Then Britton says her favorite football team is the fictitious Dillon Panthers from the five seasons of her award-winning television show Friday Night Lights.

And the words she would use to describe her son Eyob’s personality? “Amazing, fantastic and curious about the world in every way,” she says with motherly pride.

And when Britton has to name the place in Nashville where she loves to hang out, she says, “I love to hang out at the Patterson House because that place is awesome. I’m not gonna tell you about it. You just have to go.”

I will tell you about it. It’s at 1711 Division Street and could be described as kind of a speakeasy hangout. There’s a 30-stool bar, vintage chandeliers and expert bartenders who can just as easily serve you a glass of sauvignon blanc as they could a cocktail from some bygone era — made with an ice ball so it won’t ever get watered down. God, no wonder Britton loves the place.

Now what I’d love to hear are Nashville’s Rayna James’ answers to some of those same questions. They’d probably be “I don’t speak Mandarin, only honky-tonk,” “You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man)” and “Tennessee Titans.”

And Rayna’s favorite hangout? Bed. Teddy’s, Deacon’s, Liam’s and anyone else who comes her way this season.

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