Is Art Imitating Life on Nashville?

I was in Nashville earlier this week — the city, not the ABC series. And it seems like whenever I’m there these days, my co-workers like to point out what scenes from Nashville are shot where.

Like, “That’s where Edgehill Records is.” Or, “That’s Juliette Barnes’ house with the pool.” Or, “There’s that bar where Gunnar and Avery work and Scarlett used to work.”

So even though I know the show isn’t real, this second season is starting to feel like there are a lot of parallels with the real Music City.

I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that their “Luke Wheeler” is based on our Luke Bryan. Or that Rayna backing out of the tour is just like a few other girl singers who have mysteriously canceled shows. Or that Gunnar keeping his “What if I Was Willing” song for himself (total songwriter rookie mistake) instead of letting Will make it his debut single isn’t something that has happened about a thousand times on Music Row’s real 16th Avenue. Or that looking super sexy in pictures doesn’t always come naturally.

Then again, Wednesday’s (Oct. 16) episode did have some dramatic twists and turns that didn’t seem real at all.

Rayna’s sister exposed some information that is going to ruin their father, Teddy semi-secretly proposed to Peggy, Scarlett went a little diva on a fan when he was taking her picture, Maddie ran away (and her mom’s nemesis came to her rescue) and Deacon took his first big boy steps towards being a real father to Maddie (his biological teenage daughter) after she ran away and worried everyone sick. He gave her a stern 13-word talking to: “You do me a favor? Don’t run off like that again. Be safe.”

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.