Luke Bryan’s 90 Minutes Is the Best Part

In this month’s Nashville Lifestyles magazine, Luke Bryan is named one of the its 25 Most Beautiful People. I guess I’ve never really thought of him as “beautiful.” Sexy, yes. Charming, for sure. But beautiful? They must be talking big-picture beautiful. Like the kind that is way more than just skin deep. Because that is definitely Bryan.

He told the magazine that performing onstage is the best part of being an artist.

“There’s a lot of work that goes into every day, but that 90 minutes I get to entertain my fans is the best part,” Bryan said.

That kind of attitude is pretty beautiful. 

Another gorgeous guy who made this year’s list is Kip “Hey Pretty Girl” Moore. He claims he’s an introvert, which I find hard to believe because his songs make him sound like just the opposite. But whoever he is offstage, I believe in him just like his own family does.

“I told my dad I’d make it playing my own music,” Moore said. “He was a believer in me, and I think he’d be proud.”

And then there’s Sheryl Crow. She’s on the magazine’s cover, which I think makes her the most beautiful person. Even though she sounds just as humble as she is stunning.

“It’s kind of unfathomable to me,” Crow said. “I still feel like the kid who was on the track team at Kennett High School and Bernice and Wendell’s daughter.”

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