What Does Eric Church Have Up His Sleeve?

Is Country's Resident Rebel About to Release Some New Music?

How long must we wait for new music, Eric Church? Maybe not much longer if the singer’s latest Facebook posting is any indication. Church recently posted a rather interesting and cryptic clip on the page — a video link that seems to suggest a new song, if you ask me.

In the video, we hear the rock and the roar of the track and see Church pushing the doors open to what appears to be an abandoned warehouse. Followers gather closely behind him as the crowd in front of him grows, cheering with rapt attention.

It’s as if they know something we don’t yet.

So what is this big news? A new album? It’s been more than two years since the singer released the critically-acclaimed Chief which included two No. 1 singles — “Drink in My Hand” and the heartbreakingly nostalgic “Springsteen.” It even snagged a Grammy nomination and won the CMA and ACM awards for album of the year in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

When CMT Radio caught up with Church earlier this year, he said he was excited about working on the follow-up to Chief.

“I can tell you that we’ve started the process, and then we’ll go on to the next step in the process,” he said. “There’s, like, 20 steps to get the record done. I’m excited creatively to see where we can go from here and see what we end up with.”

As for this big reveal, the Facebook post mentions Tuesday (Oct. 22) in the caption, along with the message, “When it hits the fan, and it all goes down, the gloves will come off!”

I have no idea what that could mean, but count me in.

Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.