Taylor Swift on Burying the Hatchet

In the November issue of InStyle magazine — the one I haven’t quite been able to put down yet — I found another Taylor Swift quote I have to share. It’s about holding grudges, which she says she doesn’t do. But, of course, it makes me think of the Garth Brooks song “We Bury the Hatchet” from his 1991 Ropin’ the Wind album.

“Grudges are like carrying someone around on your shoulders,” Swift told the magazine. “If you carry enough people around, you’re not going to be able to walk. It’s going to be too heavy.”

Swift may or may not be talking about holding grudges against ex-boyfriends. All she says about the topic is that she hasn’t been in a relationship in a long time and that maybe she’s actually never even been in a great love.

“I think that you can love people without it being the great love,” she said.

She adds that her pal and tourmate Ed Sheeran told her something that really resonated with her.

“He says there are different kinds of love,” she said. “There’s physical attraction, mental attraction and emotional attraction. There’s also comfort and obsession. You need to have all those things in one person. You have to mentally respect them, be physically attracted and have a comfort level. You’re obsessed with them, yet you also know they’re going to stay. I’ve never had that in one person.”

That is, hands-down, the worst advice on love I have ever heard. I hope Swift doesn’t take it too seriously. Because that is way too long of a list of requirements in a mate. But I will give Sheeran credit for being a hopeless romantic.