Eric Church Reveals His Outsiders Secret

This is what Eric Church was teasing us all about last week? His new song “The Outsiders” hit iTunes at midnight Monday (Oct. 21). I guess it’s the one he’d been hinting about, tweeting cryptic things like “When it hits the fan, and it all goes down, the gloves WILL COME OFF!”

When he said that, I was thinking, “What? When what hits the fan? What gloves? And when what all goes down?” I do not do well with mystery and innuendo, so those teasers were killing me. I was honestly hoping all the hype would lead to huge news like some cool new tour or even a special one-night-only concert. Maybe even at a prison, where he seems to be hanging out in the pre-promotional videos.

But it was all about the new song, which sounds like much harder rock than the Church I know and love. The lyrics feel about right, talking about saddling up in the pouring rain, with backs to the wall, bands of brothers, fighters, all-nighters, bad news, young guns and that players are gonna play and haters are gonna hate. And I love the line about we let our colors show where the numbers ain’t, we’re the paint where there ain’t supposed to be paint. But all those good lyrics are a little hard to hear over the screaming guitars.

Church’s other recent social media hints had been things like, “You’re gonna find out just who we are.” And, “Something big is coming. … It’s time for us to show everyone just who we are. Share this video everywhere you can, and when it hits the fan and everyone’s aware, that’s when Eric will reveal what’s to come.”

The video showed Church and five other men entering what looks like an old prison, stopping only to spray paint stencils of Church’s face on the stone walls outside. Then there’s some concert scenes and then footage of a clean-cut guy trying to break down the wall with a sledgehammer. (Hey. He should get Miley Cyrus to help him, come to think of it. She’s so good with the sledgehammer .)

Church doesn’t have any official tour dates planned until he heads out with George Strait in January. But he is performing at the CMA Awards on Nov. 6. And on Nov. 3, he’ll be featured in an ABC special documentary For the Love of Music: The Story of Nashville.