Nelly Likes Tim McGraw’s Rap and Wife

When someone collaborates with Tim McGraw and then Florida Georgia Line, you kind of have to assume they are trying to get their foot in the back door of country music. But that’s definitely not the case with Nelly. He likes being part of it, but he’s not going to go country. He respects it too much for that.

That’s what the hip-hop artist told Larry King on Larry King Now , saying he respects other forms of music but isn’t planning on doing a whole album in that form.

“As you can see, I’ve collaborated with a number of people, country artists,” he says. “Tim McGraw and obviously the Florida Georgia Line song [mtvn_video_page id="909915"]“Cruise”[/mtvn_video_page] has been real big this past year. So I respect it enough to know that I can’t do a whole country album because I’m not a country artist.”

The tune Nelly recorded with McGraw — “Over and Over” — is more than nine years old. But it sounds like Nelly remembers it well.

“Tim didn’t rap. Not on the record,” Nelly told King. “Now, he did some rapping in the studio that night when we were recording because we were having a little fun. But I promised him I won’t play that.”

Then when King asked if he enjoyed working with the country superstar, Nelly said candidly, “I liked working with him … cool because he brought Faith [Hill] to the studio.”

But the main reason Nelly likes collaborating so much? He says he loves being involved with other artists who take the music as seriously as he takes it. And because he likes to “make people like what they don’t think that they would like if they heard the suggestion.”

Which is exactly how I felt when I heard “Over and Over” the first time.