Carrie Underwood on Mad Music and Go-To Looks

This is all starting to make perfect sense. Carrie Underwood has super intense workouts, which is why she looks super cute in sweaters, boots and jeans.

At her photo shoot for the cover of the recent issue of Women’s Health magazine , Underwood talked about the music she plays during her workouts. And it’s not quite what you might expect from the country star.

“My workout playlist is a bit random and angry,” she told the magazine. “I don’t know, just really loud, mad music. If that makes any sense at all. I like mad music when I work out.”

Whatever she’s listening to during her workouts, it’s working out.

She also said that she knows her workouts aren’t too girly because her hockey-player husband brags about that side of her.

“My husband is a hockey player, and his workouts are pretty intense,” she said of her Nashville Predator of a hubby, Mike Fisher. “So it makes me feel really good when I hear him telling his friends, ’Oh, she works out. She gets after it.'”

I’m guessing Underwood works out that hard to stay healthy and to keep up her stamina for touring. But it also makes her look great, especially in what she calls her go-to look for the colder months.

“Some of my favorite go-to winter staples are comfy sweaters,” she said. “Comfy sweaters, jeans and boots. Pretty much, that’s kind of where I go, where I land.”

That look will probably keep her warm while she’s living in New York City during rehearsals for The Sound of Music. Last week, she tweeted a photo from the rehearsal room saying, “Let’s start at the very beginning. … A very good place to start.”

Underwood also shares some more details about life with Fisher. She says getting engaged to him was something that “blew me away.” Maybe because he’s not usually all that romantic?

“My husband kind of calls himself romantically challenged,” she says, adding that “if he really applies himself, he can do amazing things.”