Wedding Bells for Gloriana’s Tom Gossin 

After 10 years of dating, it’s good to know that Gloriana’s Tom Gossin finally did kiss her good night . Gossin married his longtime girlfriend, actress Jaime Moffett, on Saturday (Oct. 19) in Nashville.

“You know, it’s just like relationships. If you can keep a woman happy, you find that you yourself are all the sudden happier,” Gossin had told CMT Radio about being in a band with Rachel Reinert. “She just needs her space. We give her the back lounge to do makeup and hairspray, so when you open the back lounge door there’s a cloud of chemicals that just come out.”

And Reinert was there, as a bridesmaid for Moffett, at what Gossin called “the party of the decade.” Moffett had nine attendants, including two bridesmen. Gossin’s oldest brother Steve was the best man. Reinert wore a custom-made tuxedo corset, and the groomsmen all wore custom-made wooden bow ties. The bride wore an elegant white lace gown with an open neckline and cap sleeves and her engagement ring with a 1920s European-cut stone.

“The attention to detail was amazing,” Reinert told People magazine of the wedding, the reception at the Cannery and the vintage Rolls Royce that swept them away when the celebration was over. “Every little detail was so pretty. Everywhere you looked was something of the period, all 1920s, Prohibition era, Art Deco themed. It was perfect!”

The newlyweds are on their honeymoon now at an undisclosed location before Gossin has to head back out on the road in early November.

Watch for more details and photos of the Gossin-Moffett wedding in an upcoming issue of Brides magazine.