Lip Gloss and Lies on Nashville

I wish every episode of Nashville could just be about love, sex, scandal and country music. But sometimes, like on Wednesday’s (Oct. 23) episode, it has to shine a light on the other parts of the music industry. Namely, the press.

Now obviously, I take that kind of personally. So when Scarlett was getting ready for her first red carpet walk, they brought in a media coach who coached her on how to have poise and confidence and to get rid of her folksy stammering. As someone who conducts red carpet interviews, I have to say I rather like the artists with the folksy stammers because then they don’t sound coached. But whatever.

The coach told Scarlett, “We’re gonna use facts from your life to craft a compelling story.”

Technically, she wouldn’t have to lie. But on the night of the event, a journalist asks Scarlett a question about singing Rayna’s songs as a kid, and Scarlett reveals that her uncle Deacon was Rayna’s guitar player. So the journalist asks a follow-up question, “Do you know why (Deacon) was drinking the night of their accident?” (I don’t know one journalist who wouldn’t have done the exact same thing.)

Scarlett wavers, then tells him it’s a personal matter. Fair enough. But her horrible boss Jeff yells at her for not controlling the conversation.

“When you look like a fool, I look like a fool,” he tells her. “You can either stay on script, or you can go home.”

When she does go home, she has a mini Scarlett-sized rant to Deacon.

“You’d think having a music contract would be about the music,” she says. “But no. It’s about the color lip gloss you wear and how many lies you can tell.”

I hate to break it to you, Scarlett, but when you’re a star, fans do indeed want to know about your lip gloss.

Other ugly industry secrets that were revealed on the show were:

• It’s going to take Rayna $20 million of her daddy’s dirty money to buy her Highway 65 label out of Edgehill Records

• Jeff almost didn’t forgive Will for promising to cut a song that wasn’t his to cut (“The thing about rookie mistakes, Will, is the more you make, the longer you stay a rookie”)

• Will, who is desperately trying to hide his homosexuality, is forced to start something with the new girl Layla because they were trending on social media. (#LaylaAndWill)

The only real moment of romance came from my favorite on-again, off-again couple Rayna and Deacon. When he found out she was having voice issues, he barged into her house and demanded to know, “Can you sing, Rayna?”

She admitted she’s having trouble, and then asked him about his hand.

“I’m done,” Deacon said.

“You might need to take a minute and figure out who you are without a guitar in your hand,” she said, “but don’t you ever say you’re done with music.”

And I think when she said “music,” Rayna meant “me.” So forget #LaylaAndWill. Let’s get #RaynaAndDeacon trending.