Brad Paisley Has Fightin’ Words for Carrie Underwood 

It started on Tuesday (Oct. 22) when a college girl tweeted something and then Carrie Underwood retweeted it. No big deal, right? But you know what happens with almost all of Underwood’s retweets? Brad Paisley reads them and usually has something snarky to say in return.

But this time, Paisley randomly decided to pick a fight — a good natured, comical one.

When he made fun of Underwood’s retweet — and her hygiene — she wrote back. “@BradPaisley Oooohhhhh … Burn,” she wrote . And right away, he was ready for a fight, asking her, “@carrieunderwood feud? Should we?”

Twitter feuds like theirs, even if they are faux feuds, are almost as entertaining as their onstage feuds when they host the CMA Awards . Because they can get downright nasty, but no one will ever believe they don’t love each other. Their chemistry is just too undeniable to believe they’d ever have room for any legitimate hostility.

Underwood heated things up during their Twitter feud with some good ol’ name calling.

“What do you mean? We’ve been feuding for years … ya dumb hillbilly!,” she wrote back to Paisley.

His comeback on Wednesday night was so cruel, so insulting, and yet, so funny because it was so not true.

“Yeah these feuds like Kimmel/kanye, miley/Sinead, Zac/Luke look like fun. Know what I mean @carrieunderwood? — you auto tuned talentless hack.”

Paisley was referencing the recent celebrity fights playing out in the media between Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West (they’ve since had an open discussion on Kimmel’s TV show), Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor (Cyrus took to Twitter to vaguely respond to O’Connor’s open letter) and country’s own Zac Brown and Luke Bryan (Bryan never acknowledged Brown’s criticism of his current single).

Hopefully, if the Paisley/Underwood feud ever escalates to that level, there will be talk shows and open letters and radio interviews to clear the air.