Jimmy Kimmel on Keith Urban: “He’s Lying”

What an introduction. When Jimmy Kimmel was introducing Keith Urban on his talk show this week, he said that because Urban is married to Nicole Kidman, it’s impossible for him to ever be sad.

“So the next time you hear him sing one of those sad country songs, remember — he’s lying,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel actually seems to have a bit of a crush on Urban’s wife because he brings her up in the conversation about three more times. He even has footage of her last visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live and shows it to Urban. It is Kidman giving Kimmel a lap dance — as a joke — in tight green pants. Urban remarks smugly, “You know how good you feel getting that just one night, Jimmy?”

“For two beautiful seconds, I knew what it was like to be Keith Urban,” Kimmel said. “Does she do that at home?”

Urban joked that yes, she does.

“With the green pants,” he said. “It’s so weird.”

Eventually, Kimmel kind of changed the subject, and asked Urban about his upcoming birthday. He tells the story of his worst birthday ever, when he turned 21 while he was playing a show in Burnie, a port city on the coast of Tasmania.

“It’s kind of like a mining town with eight people in it, and that’s where I turned 21. It was not a great birthday,” Urban recalled, adding that the next night he was in a bigger city and had a better party. “My band at the time put on this big party. It was a bit of blur, I gotta say. All I remember is there was a woman and there was some shaving cream and that was about it.”

Later on in the conversation, they finally got around to talking about Urban’s music. Kimmel congratulated him on his latest No. 1 hit — “Little Bit of Everything” — and then asked him how it felt.

“After a while do you take that for granted?” he asked. “Or you just expect it? Are you surprised?”

Urban laughed and joked back, “If I get five more, I can buy a NFL team.”