Hunter Hayes Video Inspired by Awkward Emotion

You know that feeling when you’re super bummed out about something, and what makes it even worse is that everyone around you is blissfully happy? Hunter Hayes knows that feeling. And he used his new video for “Everybody’s Got Somebody but Me” to capture it.

He told me he shot the video at a cool little park in Los Angeles and wanted to do something funny.

“It’s a humorous approach to commiserating with your buddy about how miserable you are about being single,” he said. “We wanted to do something that made fun of that feeling — that awkward sort of everybody’s-got-somebody-but-me thing.”

Hayes said one scene at the end of the video really captures what he calls the “are-you-kidding-me” feeling.

“It had to show exactly what it feels like to have that moment when you actually say that,” he explained. “Like, ’What am I supposed to do now?’ I feel like everyone can dig deep and remember what it feels like to be there and how you hated every minute of it.”

He and Jason Mraz hooked up to rerecord the song (which Hayes sings alone on his 2011 debut album) because Hayes is a Mraz fan and had been talking to him about writing together and just hanging out.

“And so the more we thought about it, we thought, ’What if we asked him to sing on this tune?'” Hayes said. “And he just seemed like the perfect voice for it. He was all about it. He was totally in.”

If you’d told Hayes a few years ago — before he debuted his first single “Storm Warning” — that one day he’d be winning CMA awards and headlining shows and collaborating with Mraz, he wouldn’t have believed you.

“I never had any idea that it would be like this,” he said. “Even if someone told you, ’Hey, this is gonna happen and then this is gonna happen and then this is gonna happen,’ you still couldn’t plan accordingly. Because you wouldn’t have believed it, for one. And two, there’s no way to prepare for this or predict anything like this. It’s been a crazy ride.”

The new video will premiere Saturday (Oct. 26) at 11 a.m. ET/PT on CMT Hot 20 Countdown and on

Hayes and Ashley Monroe are on the road this weekend for CMT on Tour: Hunter Hayes Let’s Be Crazy tour with stops Friday (Oct. 25) in Chicago and Saturday in Louisville, Ky.