Keith Urban Is Never Late for Dinner

This is my kind of husband — one who takes his commitments seriously. One like Keith Urban.

Even though he has so much going on with his music career right now — a major tour, a new album, a bunch of talk shows to visit, not to mention auditioning fresh faces and voice for his upcoming American Idol judging gig — it sounds like he really knows what’s really important: Being there for his family.

“I think, for me, the key has been honoring the time in which I say I’m gonna be home,” he explained in a recent radio interview. “I really stick to it. If I say I’m gonna be home at 5:30 to have dinner with the kids — if I was in the middle of something — I would just stop.”

He obviously tells his family about his schedule, so it’s hard to imagine him stopping in the middle of an Idol audition or a talk show interview and walking out because dinner was on the table back in Nashville.

However, he added, “There wouldn’t be any of that ’Well, I’ll be home at 6, that’s fine.’ I would never do that. I would stick to it. It lets my family know that they matter — and they’re important to me.”

Isn’t that so sweet? That for him, 5:30 means 5:30, no matter what? So Urban is sexy and punctual. That Nicole Kidman is a lucky, lucky woman.

Now, of course, when I watch Urban’s performance on the CMA Awards next Wednesday (Nov. 6), I’m going to be thinking that he better make it quick if he promised to be home in time to read his daughters a bedtime story.