Can Jason Aldean Rock the Tom Cruise Look?

I can totally see this. You put a tight white T-shirt, a flight suit and a pair of aviators on Jason Aldean, and he’ll look exactly like Tom Cruise. Well, at least, Tom Cruise as Lt. Pete Maverick Mitchell from the 1986 movie Top Gun.

In a recent radio interview , Aldean revealed that for Halloween this year, he’d be going as the iconic Cruise character.

“I’ve already gotten [my costume],” he said. “Are you kidding? I have a friend that his birthday is right around Halloween, so he’s having a party. And everybody’s going as a character from the ’80s. So I decided to go as Maverick from Top Gun. I got the aviators and everything.”

No word on who will go to that party as his wing man, Nick Goose Bradshaw. I’d love to see Aldean’s pal Luke Bryan in that costume, though.

Aldean said his two daughters already have their costumes picked out, too. They are dressing up as the Mad Hatter and one of the good witches from The Wizard of Oz.

Then Aldean talked about what he does and doesn’t do during his free time. He says he doesn’t really make time for reading gossip magazines, which is why he hadn’t seen any of Kelly Clarkson’s wedding pictures.

“I’m a horrible friend,” he said.

So if he doesn’t scour the Internet for celebrity news, what does he do?

“For the most part, I’m on my phone playing Candy Crush or something,” Aldean admitted, saying he’s up to level 160. “I’ve got a lot of free time on my hands riding around on the bus. I need something to do to keep me from going nuts.”