Luke Bryan Protects the Women and Children

I get that tough guys like to break up fights and kind of save the day. And country artists like Luke Bryan are no exception. Tim McGraw has done it before. Chris Young has, too. It’s all very much like a knight in shining armor. But what I love about the way Bryan did it at his show on Friday night (Oct. 25) in Tampa, Fla., is his rationale for why he was doing it.

“I know everybody’s drinking and having a good time, but we’ve got a lot of children in here. We’ve got a lot of country girls in here,” he says in a video posted online by someone in the audience.

Looking out for girls and kids makes Bryan something of a hero in my book. I mean, we aren’t all made of gunpowder and lead.

The video is only about two minutes long, but what you can see and hear in the first half is a whole lot of nothing. Because that’s when Bryan was off the stage taking care of things. He reportedly had some help from the arena security staff, but even stopping his set to get it taken care of is pretty remarkable. I’ve been to plenty of shows and witnessed plenty of trouble — some of it very close to the stage — and the artist rarely ever takes notice.

“I’m sorry I stopped the show, but we had someone who was fighting down here. Anybody who fights again, we’re going to send your ass to jail,” he warns, before switching gears and introducing his song “Rain Is a Good Thing.”

“All right. Let’s have some fun,” Bryan says. “Y’all ready to get frisky south Florida? Let’s go.”