Keith Urban Reveals Sexy Side to Ellen DeGeneres

Keith Urban is just like us! He sexts his wife! He finds dirty innuendo in any conversation! He blushes! And he loves fans’ torso tattoos! Actually, wait. Maybe Urban isn’t just like us. Maybe he’s way cooler. Or just sexier.

During Monday’s (Oct. 28) The Ellen DeGeneres Show , when she asked Urban about how he stays in touch with his wife Nicole Kidman when their careers keep them apart, he admits that once in a while, there’s one of “those kinds” of text messages.

“We never text. We never email. Phone calls only, which I really love that,” he says at first.

But then he reveals something not so PG-13.

“Maybe one text. Maybe one cool, kind of … you know, a year,” he said with a knowing little head nod. “One of those kinds of texts, yes, one of those ones with the accompanying photo.”

Starting to blush, he added, “I’m a little red right now. Isn’t that weird?”

Later in the show, when he’s explaining why his new line of guitars are so perfect for entry-level players, he tries to tell DeGeneres and the audience how lesser guitars are not as playable and that instruments in the new Urban Guitar Collection just feel good.

“When you pick up the guitar, it feels good everywhere,” he said. “I’ve picked up guitars when I was learning to play, and they’re usually cheap ones where the neck feels a little sharp in places and the body feels a bit weird. This whole thing feels beautiful to hold. If you pick it up and it, like, hurts …”

Stopping himself in midsentence, he jokes to TV viewers, “If you’ve just joined us … .”

At the end of Urban’s time on the show, DeGeneres brought out one of his biggest fans — Diane Hughes– to meet him and get an autographed guitar. As it turned out, she already has his autograph — on her torso. When she showed it to him, Urban looks as shocked as he was honored.

After the show, Hughes tweeted, “He remembered signing my tattoo, told him I had it tatted the next day and he asked to see it!! I just couldn’t believe all this was actually happening!! Unreal!!! Did this really happen??!!”