Nashville Is Made of Old Money and New Loves

Things I never thought I’d hear in Nashville or on Nashville, the TV series:

“I’m taking the jet. You can find your own way home.”

“I’ll have a champagne and bourbon.”

“You’ll pardon us for not giving a damn about you or your checkbook.”

“Just go have some servant feed you some grapes and leave me alone.”

“Am I supposed to feel sorry for you? Poor little rich boy stuck in a loveless marriage?”

I get that the music business all comes down to business — and money. On Wednesday’s (Oct. 30) episode of Nashville, you’d think country music was made of it. Most of the scenes took place at the Belle Meade Invitational Polo Match that nobody really wanted to attend. Deacon said he’d rather have a root canal, Rayna said she hates big hat events and Luke only went because he said, “Apparently, this is what rich people do.”

Juliette is a little more taken with the idea of being around the country club set.

“Society types don’t usually like my kind,” she says. “I guess I’ve finally arrived. If Nashville’s old money wants to rub elbows with me, who am I to deny them?”

But then it’s Juliette who kept pointing out to Charlie (formerly the vampire Demetri in the Twilight movies now playing a sexy Brit billionaire tycoon and polo player trying coax the country starlet into a little lovin’ on the side) that she does not fit in with that crowd. He makes a very convincing argument to show Juliette that deep down he is plain, simple folk.

“I did inherit my money, but there’s not been a day of my life I haven’t worked. These people aren’t my people any more than they are yours,” he told her.

And here’s why Charlie digs Juliette so much: “In a world full of people trying to get something off me, you sent the car back,” he told her. “I love that.”

Ultimately, she agrees to work on a music festival project with him for six weeks. (I think that’s code for, “I’ll have sex with you for six weeks.”) They have their first planning meeting in Charlie’s bed in the penthouse at the Hermitage Hotel, and his wife catches them.

Just as important as the money was the sex on the latest episode. Luke kissed Rayna, Scarlett and Avery ended up in bed together, as did Gunnar and Zoe, and Juliette and Charlie. And wise, old, semi-bitter Rayna sees that one coming and warns Juliette.

“Listen, he’s a powerful, prominent married man,” Rayna said. “Our industry is primarily driven by female fans. A lot of times they don’t take to that kind of thing too well.”

Great advice from someone who’s been on the other side of a cheating scandal.