Florida Georgia Line Respond to Jason Aldean’s Praise

I was thrilled to be the bearer of such good news. When I talked to Florida Georgia Line last Thursday (Oct. 31), they hadn’t heard what gracious things Jason Aldean was saying about them. So I showed them the quote. Aldean had called the duo — who will be on tour with him in 2014 — “a shot in the arm for country music.” And he said that Florida Georgia Line was “kind of a new age of Brooks & Dunn sort of thing.”

“That’s obviously a huge honor,” FGL’s Brian Kelley said. “That’s a huge compliment from Aldean because we look up to him. He’s an amazing artist and great guy. That’s really awesome. The comparisons are there because there are two of us, but we’ve honestly tried to separate ourselves and have a sound that’s Florida Georgia Line. So that when you turn on the radio, there’s no doubt about who it is.”

Kelley and bandmate Tyler Hubbard both sounded very grateful for Aldean’s kind words. Who wouldn’t want to be compared to one of country music’s most celebrated and enduring duos? They did say that, sound-wise, their band is very different from other country duos that’ve come before them. And for that, they were both quick to credit their producer Joey Moi.

“Joey has helped us achieve that sound,” Kelley said. “He has a way of making things sound huge and making the vocal and harmonies sound amazing and laying the banjo in there.”

The ones who love the band’s sound the most — the fans — are the ones Kelley and Hubbard aim to please the most.

“They’re the ones that spread the music and called the radio stations and requested the songs and were drivin’ them crazy saying, ’Play FGL’ and showing up at our shows, helping us sell out,” Kelley said. “They’ve changed our lives.”

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.