Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley Muscle Up for Country

Remember when Brad Paisley’s video for “Online” came out in 2007? Let me refresh your memory. His shirt comes off. Now does it ring a bell? He sings that he’s 6-foot-5 and looks damn good, and then, “I’m single and I’m rich, and I got a set of six-pack abs that will blow your mind.”

And they really did blow my mind. Maybe they weren’t even his, but it still made me realize that under all those pearl snaps and cool vintage T-shirts, the men in country music have some pretty perfect bodies.

People magazine put together an entire gallery of the men and their muscles for us to get a close-up look at them. They have Paisley, obviously. And Tim McGraw, even more obviously, because of the crazy workouts he’s made his life’s work.

“People are paying great money to come and watch us, so it’s part of my job,” McGraw told the magazine. “I want to enjoy it while I’m out there and feel good doing it.”

Also on the list is Jake Owen, who probably earns his muscles wakeboarding and/or holding his growing baby Pearl. And Luke Bryan, who does a lot of lower body work at his live shows but must also be doing some upper body work from the looks of him. And Dierks Bentley, who never really talks openly about working out, but looking at his body you know he is. And Dustin Lynch, who does this thing called a bicep chug that is hard to explain, but I’ll just say that most men I know could never accomplish such a feat.