Carrie Underwood’s Workaholic Ways

Carrie Underwood isn’t calling herself a workaholic. But knowing she is co-hosting Wednesday night’s (Nov. 6) CMA Awards and is in the midst of living/breathing/rehearsing for her upcoming live broadcast of The Sound of Music on NBC, it sounds like that’s exactly how she operates.

Broadway World is reporting she’s working with dialect coaches, memorizing her lines ahead of time and showing up ready to work hard. One of the show’s producers even said things like, “She’s one of those people who showed up the first day and knew every line of the script and every note of every song. She’s an unbelievably hard worker” and “I think it’s very important, especially in a piece like this, a musical that deals with religion and nuns, that she has that fan base. The spirituality in the show lends itself to Carrie’s core audience.” The producer also noted, “Underwood is completely open to learning and adapting her ways to conform to the structure of the Rodgers & Hammerstein score.”

And what did Underwood have to say about everything she’s been doing for the show?

“I like instructions, I like directions. People freak out when I’m on time,” she said, adding she thinks she had the furthest to go out of the entire cast. Then again, the girl can yodel.

“I’ve been yodeling my whole life, growing up listening to Kitty Wells and The Carter Family,” she said.

Underwood also said that she loves just being around all the impressive Broadway talent.

“When they sang, I thought, ’This is what heaven’s going to sound like,'” she said.