Miranda Lambert Slims Down After Banishing Cheetos

If there had been a CMA Award for hot new body of the year, it would probably be sitting on Miranda Lambert’s trophy shelf right now — right next to her new female vocalist of the year CMA Award.

Lambert admitted on Twitter after Wednesday (Nov. 6) night’s show that a lot of people were noticing how good she looked. And she gave credit where credit was due. “Hey @CrutchCamp. I got some compliments last night thanks to you! #love/haterelationship,” she wrote to Bill Crutchfield, who runs a boot camp in Nashville that uses exercise bands, medicine balls and something called plyometrics.

When reporters in the backstage pressroom asked what she’d been doing to look so good, she talked about how giving up Cheetos helped a little.

“I was on the road since I was 17, and the road life is a lot of fast food and a lot of late nights and a lot of drinking,” she said. “I didn’t give up drinking. I refuse. I put up with my husband. You have to drink to put up with that. I didn’t really give up a lot, just Cheetos mostly. Which I might have some tonight just to celebrate.”

But then she explained her motivation to get healthy. Not just because she just turned 30 on Sunday (Nov. 10) but because she has a new album coming out next spring.

“I feel like I should just get a little more healthy,” Lambert said. “I found my niche, and I care about it in all aspects — musically and all the songs that I write and what I talk about. And I want to look the part too, you know?”

At one point in Lambert’s Q&A, even though she is stronger than she’s probably ever been, she had to put the CMA Award down.

“I’ve been working out,” she said, “but that thing is heavy.”