Keith Urban Tends to His Family Like a Garden

We already know Keith Urban only sends sexy text messages about once a year to his wife Nicole Kidman. So what’s he doing on the other 364 days? Some days, he’s simply texting her photos of the weather.

People magazine reports that on a recent tour stop in Missouri, Urban paused the interview so he could share some photos with his wife.

“It’s just such a beautiful day! Can you take some pictures so I can send them to Nic? I want her to see this,” he’d said as he handed his phone to a friend. I think that’s more romantic than a sext, personally.

But that little bit of stop-and-text-the-weather optimism aside, it does sound like Urban and Kidman have really found a way to keep their marriage strong even with their busy schedules. He is in the midst of touring and gearing up for his second season as an American Idol judge, and she is shooting the upcoming Paddington movie in London.

“Somewhere in the last couple of years, I’ve really grasped the concept of the brevity of time,” he told the magazine. “It’s very, very fleeting. No matter how many years are ahead of us, it will all be gone very quickly. I don’t want to miss any of it. Nic and I say, ’Balance is never achieved; it’s just maintained.'”

He’s maintaining some of that balance by tending to his personal life like he would a garden.

“I’m a guy, so I’m not used to having to maintain anything,” he said. “I’m used to achieving something, and good, that’s done, move on to the next thing. No, no, this marriage, this family, it’s a garden. It’s not fixed and then you move on. It’s maintained on a daily basis. I finally get that now.”