Hillary Scott Wants to “Embrace Me for Me”

Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott had a baby less than four months ago, so excuse her if she works on being a loving mother instead of dropping everything and running to the gym to work on her body, removing all evidence of her pregnancy.

“There’s so much pressure on new moms — especially who are in the public eye — to get back into shape as soon as possible, which translates to, ’As soon as possible, look like you were never pregnant or had a baby,'” Scott told People magazine. “The women who get there the fastest are celebrated like it’s an accomplishment. I think that is so wrong and sends such a bad message to young women. That pressure really forced me to take a deep breath and accept and embrace me for me, which is always a work in progress, but more important now that I have a daughter.”

And that daughter? She is as cute as her name. Scott and her husband Chris Tyrrell waited until they saw their baby girl to name her.

“I had felt like the instant I saw her, I would know exactly what her name was — there would be no question,” Scott said. But once she’d been a mother for about a half hour, she still didn’t have a name. Ultimately, the couple named their daughter Eisele Kaye — a combination of Tyrrell’s mother’s maiden name and Scott’s mother’s middle name — and Scott says she loves how it sounds kind of musical.

“It has a sing-song sound to it. It floats in a pretty, musical way,” she said.

Little Eisele has been busy building her wardrobe since she got here this summer. The coolest of her clothes come from Stevie Nicks. Scott got to know the Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter during their taping of the recent CMT Crossroads special.

“When Fleetwood Mac was touring in Europe, [Nicks] would go into these little boutiques and shop for Eisele,” Scott said. “Eisele’s coolest clothes are from Stevie, which is so funny. Eisele has no clue how cool a baby she is!”