Blake Shelton: 12 Years and Seven Albums Ago

The crowd of fans chants, “We love Blake!” So you’d think that as popular as Blake Shelton is right now, this video might’ve been shot yesterday. Then you notice his hair. His thick, wavy, chestnut ringlets that frame his face and dip way down past his shoulders. That’s when you realize that this is Shelton from 12 years ago.

But it must’ve been a slow news day at CNN when they dug up this old segment from an Oklahoma City TV station, but you’ll be so glad they did. It’s so refreshing to see that Shelton has barely changed at all. His vocals sounded amazing already. His wit was already in full force. His demeanor was just as honest. And his dimples? They were just as charming then as they are right now.

He gives the camera crew a tour of his $300,000 tour bus, saying, “I live on a piece of crap. Crap is breaking all the time and it drives me crazy.”

He shows off his favorite part of his tour rider — the Bud Lights on ice. He gets in his bus bunk to demonstrate how tall he is, pointing out that his head is touching one wall while his feet are touching the other. He introduces his dad/manager. And he talks about getting his start in the music world by sitting on his truck’s tailgate, playing and singing with his high school buddy Buck for anyone in Ada, Okla., who cared to listen.

“As the crowds become bigger and bigger, I become happier and happier,” Shelton says.

At this point in his career, he has released seven studio albums, not counting holiday projects, EPs and compilations. He’s won numerous awards, headlined major tours and is a judge/mentor on The Voice.

Twelve years ago, I’ll bet he had no idea how happy he’d be in 2013.