Is Kellie Pickler the New Blake Shelton?

I’m all for drinking. And I’m also a big fan of working. But drinking and working? I honestly didn’t know that was possible until Blake Shelton came along. He’d tweet incessantly about how drunk he was before, during and after shows. Sometimes even before, during and after interviews. He might not have been telling the truth. Then again, he might have been. You never know.

And after watching Kellie Pickler’s recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, I think anything’s possible and that maybe she’s the new Blake Shelton. She did three shots of Jack Daniel’s before she took the stage to sing her brand new song “Little Bit Gypsy.” I realize it could’ve been sweet tea in that bottle of Jack, but if not, Pickler can really hold her whiskey.

When DeGeneres gave Pickler a gift basket full of shot glasses, she remarked that they were empty and said, “What am I supposed to do with those?” Then after the first shot, Pickler asked her host, “Are you trying to get me drunk?” After the second, Pickler told her, “I ramble now, but if I’m drinkin’, I really ramble.”

And when the third shot came along, she just went for it, saying, “I ain’t gonna turn down a free drink.”

“Here’s to remembering the words,” Pickler toasted at the end of the interview. “Instead of ’Little Bit Gypsy,’ it’s gonna be ’Little Bit Tipsy.'”

But, she’s a pro, so it didn’t sound tipsy at all. The new song sounded incredible, and she remembered every single word.

How long do you think it will be before there’s a @drunkkelliepickler on Twitter?