Justin Moore Relies on His Family

They Help Him Keep His Career in Check

Justin Moore is a man who knows how to keep himself in check by relying on his family.

For some artists, just one No. 1 hit could be enough to pad the ego. Snagging multiple No. 1 singles and albums so early in your career? Well, that could send just about anyone into a downward spiral.

But not Moore, who keeps it real. He keeps is so real, in fact, that one of his favorite moments basking in the glow of his latest hit, “Point at You,” happened while listening to the car radio as he drove to church with his family.

“I looked over at my wife, and I said, ’Can you believe what we’re listening to right now?'” he said. “And I called my dad, and I said ’Dad!’ and, he said, ’I just heard it, and I’m bawlin’ and squawlin’.’ And I’m just like, ’Man! It never gets old.'”

No pomp and circumstance — just a good old-fashioned family moment, sharing incredible news with the people that care about him more than anyone in this world. For Moore, that incredible family bond is the foundation he’s built his life upon, both personally and professionally. And staying grounded is a top priority for him.

As for his fans? He speaks as highly of them as he does of his own family. He knows they have his back, too, and will always be there with love and support.

Of course, we know that moment in the car that day was enough reward for Moore, but a little party to celebrate never hurt anyone, right? Moore did get his party this week in Nashville as friends and industry folks gathered to celebrate the success of “Point At You” and his latest album, Off the Beaten Path.

Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.