Scotty McCreery Makes Gifts Pinteresting

Oh, to be one of the lucky, lucky women in Scotty McCreery’s life right around the holiday season. He sounds like the most thoughtful — and the most socially-networked — gift giver of all.

McCreery doesn’t just give you a gift card. He doesn’t just throw a scented candle in a pretty bag. He probably doesn’t even re-gift. No, he’s a man who does his homework. And he does it on Pinterest .

“When you are looking for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or anything for your special lady — for your mom, for your sister — if they pin, you can see what they like, and then you just go get them,” he revealed in a recent radio interview.

That is just so smart of him.

“Honestly, it’s the new way of getting presents, and I don’t personally pin, but you can use it for your benefit when you’re getting gifts like that,” he added.

McCreery may not have the time or the means to make stained-glass Mason jar vases, chalkboard tree slices, burlap monogrammed throw pillows or some other DIY crafty gifts that are popular on Pinterest right now. But if his mom happens to pin a picture of a new handbag, a book or a necklace she wants, he’d be all over it.

And it sounds like McCreery knows his way away around the online inspiration bulletin board because he mentions it in the first verse of his song “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend” from his See You Tonight album.

“You got your girls, and I got my boys,” he sings. “You got your ’gotta see this.’ Pin it on Pinterest.”