Carrie Underwood’s Big Apple Diary

Since Carrie Underwood is just 16 days away from her live television broadcast of The Sound of Music, she opened up her diary (of sorts) for the new country special issue of People magazine.

One of the first photos Underwood shared was of her “homework.” In this case, it was going to see Cinderella on Broadway.

“I went to go see Cinderella for research (and fun)! I love my homework! We had a blast,” she said.

I’m guessing she’ll probably have the show’s “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?” and “In My Own Little Corner” stuck in her head for months. Rodgers & Hammerstein could really write some catchy tunes.

She also showed off the sunset view from her Manhattan high-rise balcony and a selfie she took at some kind of festival in the city. Then came the parts that Underwood admits are not a few of her favorite things.

“Maria (von Trapp) loves playing guitar, but Carrie doesn’t love practicing,” she captioned a photo someone snapped of her playing an acoustic guitar. Referring to the black cross-strap shoes and calico circle skirt she wears in the production, she wrote, “I have … ahem … GET … to wear these lovely shoes and skirt over my jeans for the dance scenes. It helps me get used to dancing with a dress on … and it’s totally making a major fashion statement.”

I’d give you the links to buy them both, but trust me, this isn’t a style worth stealing. No offense to Rodgers, Hammerstein or Underwood.

One of the last photos is of Underwood looking exhausted on a couch.

“All tuckered out after a long day of rehearsals,” she writes.

It will all be worth it once the show airs live Dec. 5 on NBC.

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