Kip Moore’s First Kiss Bliss

He Recalls the Big Moment While Discussing "Young Love"

Oh, to be the girl that planted the first big kiss on Kip Moore.

Normally, discussing such a personal and profound moment in life is the stuff that makes both an artist and a journalist cringe with embarrassment, but Moore’s new single “Young Love” is all about, well, young love, so he was more than willing to share the story of his first real smooch.

Moore recently told CMT Radio it was definitely a memorable moment for his seventh-grade self, complete with butterflies, anticipation and, of course, braces.

“It was literally sparks when the two of us got together,” Moore recalls, laughing.

The lucky girl was a classmate of the singer. But to tell the story correctly, we have to take it back to the fifth grade, when the romance actually started with a harmless game of spin the bottle. Moore describes it like a perfect scene from an awkward teen comedy. The closet was dark, the music was playing — Motley Crue, of course — and the slow dancing set up the perfect moment. And then they both froze. No one would make the first move.

Fortunately, by the seventh grade, Moore’s confidence had improved significantly, and he was more than ready to take the plunge.

“I’d never kissed anybody, and I was, like, ’Why is all this drool coming out of my mouth right now?!” he said. “But, it was funny. It was good stuff.”

Good enough to be the inspiration for his new song? Apparently so.

I wonder if his old kissing partner hears him on the radio now and smiles to herself. Talk about bragging rights!

Moore’s second album is set for release next year.

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