Nashville‘s End Game Has Rayna Raging

“You poached one of my artists, you sabotaged another one, you seized my masters. What is your end game here?”

That’s what Rayna demanded of the head of Edgehill Records on Wednesday night’s (Nov. 22) episode of Nashville. And what Jeff told her, basically, is that he wants to make money. And he’s going to do it by capitalizing on her near-death experience. Hey, business is business.

But Jeff is no match for Rayna. I think in that near-death experience at the end of last season, she actually grew a pair.

She also seems to be growing weary of Luke and was stealing looks at Deacon, but that could just be me. A girl can dream, right?

Meanwhile, Juliette had to have a little talking to with the Wentworths. It seems the kiss Olivia planted her was actually just an invitation to have a threesome. Or at least to let Charlie watch.

So Juliette, being Juliette, barges into Charlie and Olivia’s white tablecloth dinner and calls them sick narcissistic perverts.

“Says the mobile home queen,” Olivia said.

“You know what? I’d rather spend the rest of my life in a double-wide than spend another minute around a billionaire bitch like you,” Juliette rages. “But I guess my trailer park education did let me down a little bit because I wasn’t smart enough to realize just how empty you really are.”

Avery, Juliette’s new best friend, tells her she did the right thing.

“You don’t have to keep lettin’ the Wentworths of the world treat you like garbage,” he said. “You gotta stop giving these people all your power.”

But nothing’s really over until Charlie Wentworth says it is. And later in the episode, he goes to tell Juliette he’s falling in love with her. So there’s that.

In other Nashville developments, Gunnar finally wrote a hit song — which Luke immediately claimed for himself.

Oh, and Peggy faked a miscarriage that she’d actually had weeks ago. Baby daddy Mayor Teddy was supportive, but I can’t wait to see how she spins things.

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