Kenny Chesney Turns Negatives to Positives

“We live in a world that, if you let it, can be an insanely negative place,” Kenny Chesney said. “We wanted to write lyrics that would be as positive as we could get.”

He was talking about “Spread the Love,” a new song he’s singing which includes the chorus, “We’ve got to spread the love, spread the love all over the world.”

The way he described each the song in new country special issue of People magazine makes me want to believe in all the good in the world.

As for the opening lyric — about how we’re all God’s children — Chesney says he really believes that.

“I’m spiritual in that way. We’ve all heard the saying, ’Love is the answer,’ but I wish we could learn to love everybody a little better,” he told the magazine, adding that he thinks music is the most powerful thing in our lives. “It helps us heal our hearts and our souls.”

Featuring the Wailers with Elan, “Spread the Love” is straight-up reggae. The Wailers, of course, are the late Bob Marley’s band, and Chesney and Nashville songwriter Brett James wrote the song with Elan Atias, Aston “Familyman” Barrett, Carlton Barrett and Tyrone Downie.

Chesney told People it “really ended up being a gospel song.” So I guess you could call is reggae-gospel fusion?

The proceeds from the song’s downloads go directly into the Spread the Love Fund and will assist amputees at Boston Medical Center who were severely injured in the Boston Marathon bombing.

“Not every song you record gets to help people. That’s why I’m insanely proud of it,” Chesney admits. “When I hear it, it puts a huge smile on my face.”