Jake Owen Follows Faith Hill’s Parenting Advice

Owen and His Wife Plan to Keep Things Simple for Daughter's First Birthday

Happy first birthday to little Miss Olive Pearl Owen! It was exactly one year ago Friday (Nov. 22) — on Thanksgiving, no less — that Jake Owen and his wife Lacey welcomed their baby girl to the world. And, wow, has it been quite a ride for one of country’s newest and cutest families.

Owen enjoyed many professional milestones in 2013, but the most memorable times were the family moments as he and Lacey treasured their child’s first year of life. And despite the pressures of working on a new album and opening one of country’s biggest tours for Jason Aldean, Owen managed to find time to enjoy all those moments with his wife and daughter.

There will apparently be no huge birthday party Friday. Instead, it will be a day where the family of three takes time to continue to bond in a way only the tightest families can. That’s what Owen told me when I sat down with him recently to talk about life and his baby girl’s big day.

He said the advice to keep the birthday celebration small and intimate actually came from Faith Hill.

“She told us that last year when we were out on the road with Kenny Chesney and Tim,” Owen recalls. “She’s like, ’If I can give you any piece of advice during these first years of her life, spend a lot of time with just the three of you and not everyone. Those are the times you remember because it will fly by.’ And she’s right. The time that we get to spend together is pretty awesome.”

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