Florida Georgia Line Find Tennessee Homes

They found a little spot on the edge of town, all right. Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line have settled into new Nashville area homes after years of living together and with other guys. And the way they’ve described them both in the latest country special issue of People magazine, the guys are on opposite sides of the real estate spectrum.

Kelley’s house is only 1,500 square feet. And from the picture, it looks very rustic and like it’s nestled into a hillside somewhere. Kelley calls it real vibey.

“I ended up getting a little two-bedroom tree house on 32 acres. It puts a big smile on my face every time I pull up the dang driveway,” he said. “You can open up all the windows in the house, and it’s all screened in. It’s like you’re up in the trees in the jungle.” It seems like the kind of place where really great country songs might be written.

But Hubbard’s place seems like the kind of place where an episode of Nashville might be filmed. It’s that kind of house. At 5,000 square feet, he says his estate on 12 acres came fully furnished.

“I just wanted something that would feel like a vacation when I’m home. It’s got a nice pool, a big garage and a barn with plenty of room for all my toys. Oh, and a big bathroom and closet — that was something I wanted,” Hubbard said of the sprawling four-bedroom Cape Cod.

I remember talking to the duo on Halloween , and they told me how rewarding it feels after working hard to get their band off the ground to finally be able to settle down and have their own spaces and feel like grownups. And Hubbard told People, “It’s a reminder of how hard work can pay off. We’ll never take it for granted.”