Carrie Underwood Brushes Off Critical Tweets About The Sound of Music

She Stars in the Live Production Airing Thursday Night on NBC

Why on earth would anyone send a hateful tweet to Carrie Underwood?

I’ll tell you why: Sadly, some people simply don’t like change, and Thursday night’s (Dec. 5) live TV production of the The Sound of Music is just that. And Carrie Underwood is a big change from Julie Andrews, who starred in the film version of the beloved Rodgers & Hammerstein musical.

Since NBC’s initial announcement that Underwood had been cast in the starring role of Maria von Trapp, she has apparently received some “hate tweets” from folks not too happy with the network’s decision.

She told Entertainment Weekly those tweets have even included messages like, “’You’re not Julie Andrews!'”

Well, of course she’s not — and she’s totally aware of this.

“I know I’m not Julie,” she said. “Nobody is, and I would never pretend I was. I know my place.”

And no one else is Carrie Underwood. She’s an incredible talent who’s loved by fans and other singers, including Andrews.

“I think she’s great!” the singer-actress said when the Belfast Telegraph newspaper asked for her thoughts about Underwood assuming the famous role. If it’s good enough for Andrews, can’t it be good enough for everyone else?

People are entitled to their own opinions. Regardless, Underwood has been keeping a positive attitude in the midst of the hullabaloo and has demonstrated class and confidence in refraining from addressing any negativity.

In fact, Underwood’s only tweet that could even remotely be linked to any of this came on Sept. 16, the same day she also tweeted the first look at the TV special’s official poster with her dressed in her starring role.

“Negative people are negative because THEY ’can’t’ & are insanely jealous of those who ’can,'” she tweeted. “So be positive & show the world that you WILL!”

Was she cryptically calling out her detractors, or was it simply a coincidence? Only Underwood could say for sure. But it’s great advice, anyway.

The live production of The Sound of Music airs live Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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