Tim McGraw Calls “I Need You” His Exclamation Point

I haven’t seen Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Las Vegas show at the Venetian, but now that I know how it’s punctuated, I might have to make it a resolution for 2014.

McGraw and Hill are on the cover of Vegas magazine, and in the story , McGraw talks about how he and his wife close each show with a seated performance of their 2007 duet “I Need You.”

“Being exposed like that in a song relationship-wise, especially for us and our 17 years together and our family, that just puts an exclamation mark on what the evening’s all about, really,” McGraw told the magazine. “There’s music and there’s us performing together and there’s us performing each other’s songs and all those sorts of things. But at the end of the day, the show, Soul2Soul, is about us and our relationship.”

The song isn’t the first duet the couple has recorded or performed together. They had “Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me” in 1998, “Let’s Make Love” in 2000 and “Like We Never Loved at All” in 2005.

Besides putting his relationship with Hill out there on display on the Venetian stage, it sounds like McGraw thinks he’s building a relationship with the fans, as well.

“And it also becomes a relationship in a different way than it is in a big arena,” he said. “In this theater, you really feel like you get to know the audience in a different way. And I feel like they get to know you in a different way. The big difference is in between songs and when we’re talking to the audience. You can talk to everybody, and in a lot of cases, you can hear the people [respond]. And that’s when it becomes fun.”

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