Garth Brooks Confirms 2014 World Tour

He Announces It on Good Morning America

Garth Brooks confirmed that he will embark on a world tour next year during a conversation with Good Morning America personality Robin Roberts on Monday morning (Dec. 9).

No dates were announced during the interview, but Brooks said he’d be talking to radio stations about it later this week.

Brooks began the interview by talking about his Las Vegas concerts with his band, scheduled at the Wynn Las Vegas on Jan. 3 and 4 . He joked with Roberts that he felt like he might be too old to resume touring, then said that his family — three daughters and his wife Trisha Yearwood — would make the decision together.

“Between me and you, I think we’ll make an announcement very soon,” Brooks told Roberts.

“If you want to, you can make it right now!” Roberts replied.

“You sure? Well, you know what? Since it’s you and since we’ve had a history forever, let’s announce it. We’re going on a world tour in 2014,” Brooks stated. “I can’t believe I just did that, but you are a doll.”

“It sure feels good to get to throw your hat back in the ring,” Brooks added. “All my babies are fine with it. Ms. Yearwood is fine with it. So now I get to do what I love to do, which is play music. I get to be with the person I want to be with, which is Ms. Yearwood. My children are off on their own.”

Brooks released a six-album boxed set titled Blame It All on My Roots through Walmart stores last month.