Nashville Mid-Season Finale: Deacon Mans Up

The episode was titled “Tomorrow Never Comes,” but it should’ve been called “Deacon Grows a Pair.”

On Wednesday’s (Dec. 11) mid-season finale of ABC’s Nashville, it’s like everything just kind of clicked for Deacon. After a few episodes of boo-hooing after his car accident, his paternity epiphany and his endless struggle with the bottle, he finally became a man.

But first … some breaking non-news. I don’t want to spoil the “someone will die” drama for you West Coast viewers, so I’ll just say that having watched the entire episode, I’m still a little confused over who is actually the dead one. Feel free to give us your theories on which tragedy ended more tragically.

Back to Deacon and his pair. As you may recall, Mayor Teddy was acting like a complete baby last week and pulled Deacon out of the Music City Music Festival.

“Welcome to the club of the rejected,” Deacon said to Gunnar when he got that bad news. But then he put on his big-boy pants and proceeded to give out advice for the rest of the episode.

He told Gunnar what to do about Scarlett. He told Scarlett what to do about Zoey. And he told Gunnar they were going to band together and have their own little parking lot party after the festival was over.

“You want that 11 a.m. slot at toilet town. You go ahead and you take it,” Deacon told Gunnar when he questioned how legal their plan was.

But the best part was when Mayor Teddy comes sauntering into Deacon’s parking lot and tells him he isn’t allowed to put on a show.

“The funny thing is that the guy who owns this private property, he says I can,” Deacon tells Teddy. “Which is real fortunate since somehow I just recently lost my spot at your little festival.”

After putting on a great, great show, Deacon tells Rayna, “I’m where I’m supposed to be.”

Also, in other love affair news, things got complicated. It’s less of a love triangle and more of a love hexagon.

Rayna and Luke kind of vaguely broke up. (I think Luke might actually be working for her nemesis Jeff on the down low.)

Juliette is over Charlie and super into Avery, but he is super into Scarlett.

Will ended up in bed with Brent, even though Layla thinks he loves her.

The very best line of the night (from Juliette’s manager Glenn) was: “Even though country music might like a cheating song, the audience has never much liked the cheater.”

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