Jamie Lynn Spears: Sister Britney “So Supportive” of Her Career

Before you can round up a big ol’ group of country fans, it really helps to have some loyal ones at home. And that’s exactly what’s happening for Jamie Lynn Spears .

Spears is getting ready to release a country album, and already one of her biggest supporters is her pop star big sister Britney Spears.

“She loves my music. She’s so supportive,” Jamie Lynn told me. “What she really loves is that I’m writing it. So she connects to the songs because she knows these stories. My stories are hers, too. It’s all personal to both of us.”

And even though the former Zoey 101 star sings on “Chillin’ With You,” a track from Britney’s latest album Britney Jean, two don’t have any plans for a duet on the upcoming country album. Then again, never say never.

Another fan back home in Louisiana? Jamie Lynn’s 5-year-old daughter Maddie.

“Maddie loves the music,” Jamie Lynn said, adding that being a mother — even at such a young age — has been good for her, musically. “It definitely opens up a whole other side of you. It allows you to be more vulnerable and take more risks, as well.”

The Spears girls were raised in Louisiana, and that’s where Jamie Lynn is raising her own daughter now. So naturally, Maddie is destined to love country.

“Country music is a big part of where I’m from,” she says. “And it’s just kind of in my blood, like a way of life for me. I got my taste of what kind of country music I loved from my dad.”

Spears was reluctant to give me the release date for the album. And she and her fiancé Jamie Watson haven’t set a date for her upcoming wedding, either. All she told me was that both were “definitely in the works.”

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