Darius Rucker’s Radio Got Him Into Trouble

Blaring Music From Mom's Cutlass Led to High School Suspension

It’s hard to believe, but there actually was a time in Darius Rucker’s life when the radio wasn’t exactly kind to the singer and may or may not have gotten him into a little bit of trouble.

And we don’t mean in terms of his music. Rucker is undeniably a radio favorite, and the love is mutual. We mean the literal radio.

The trouble happened before he became a star, back when the singer was just a high school student with a dream, cruising into the parking lot, blasting his favorite tunes. It seems he was apparently blasting them a little louder than some folks deemed necessary.

“I remember getting suspended from school because I pulled into the school parking lot playing my radio too loud, and the principal sent me home,” Rucker recalls. “I’m in my mom’s little Cutlass Supreme with the window stuck and the ceiling was falling. That’s all a true story. You know, I pull in, and they suspend me for the day because I’m playing my music too loud.”

Is it just me, or does anyone else find that punishment a little harsh?! I mean, is a kid driving a Cutlass likely blasting Boston or Kenny Rogers really that menacing?

Nowadays, radio is clearly working in Rucker’s favor, and he’s the first to express his gratitude.

“I wouldn’t be here in so many different ways if it wasn’t for radio,” he says.

In previous interviews, Rucker has said his mom’s record collection wasn’t exactly filled with old vinyl from the Beatles or Buck Owens, so he relied heavily on the radio for much of his musical influence.

It’s turned out incredibly well for the multiplatinum singer, songwriter and Grand Ole Opry member.

“Radio,” his latest single, is in the Top 10 on Billboard’s country airplay chart. It’s the current release from his latest album, True Believers.

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