Holding On to Dierks Bentley’s #IHoldOn Stories

Thanks, Dierks Bentley. I never knew a Twitter hashtag could make me cry. But your #IHoldOn stories are endless and moving and inspiring. They are making a better believer out of me.

I feel like I hold on to so many intangibles, including memories of my kids when they were little (all 100 percent adorable), the sound of my mom’s laugh (may she rest in peace) and everything about my best childhood friend Katy.

I have a few tangible ones, too. Like the pink fiddle my daughter started playing when she was 5, that she asked Charlie Daniels to sign. And the diamonds my grandmother gave all 14 of her granddaughters after she had a broach broken up. (It was a really big broach.)

Bentley’s own story — about how he holds onto his dad’s old Ironman watch — choked me up enough. Then to scroll through the list of what other people hold onto has me glued to my computer. So far, a few of my favorites have been:

“My brother’s guitar pick. Drunk driver killed him 4 yrs ago, but he’s with me in the music.”

“My grandfather was an artist. His memories surround me every day.”

“To the earrings my son gave me. He’s been gone 10 yrs. He was 3.5 yrs old when he passed away.”

“My amazing husband of 17 years, my Daddy’s flag they draped over his casket and my 2 precious boys are what #IHoldOn to.”

“To the last pair of gloves my nanny knit for me. I’ve never worn them and never will, so they don’t wear out.”

“To my dad’s downhill skies which I now use all winter long! This was our fave passion together!”

“To every life I touch while working in a nursing home. Life is precious.”

“To my grandpa’s old Remington Woodmaster 742 30-06 Rifle. I use it hunting. I never got to meet him.”

“To my dad’s ring. He died in 2007. I had it resized and wear it every day. I miss him. :(”

“My grandpa’s American Legion hats.”

“To my uncle’s double-barrel shot gun, the one he was holding when he passed away out hunting. ”

Even Mike Wolfe, from American Pickers got in on the trend.

“My passion for family. What’s yours?” he said.

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.