Will Blake Shelton Skip Adam Levine’s Bachelor Party

Country Superstar Jokes That His Wife May Not Allow Him to Attend

Will Blake Shelton be banned from Adam Levine’s possible bachelor party? Shelton tells E! News that will be the case if his wife Miranda Lambert has anything to do with it.

“Even if I got the invitation, my wife wouldn’t let me go to an Adam Levine bachelor party … no matter what,” Shelton insists.

Wait … what? Surely Lambert wouldn’t be worried about Shelton and his fellow judge from The Voice getting into any trouble. It sounds to me like Shelton’s better half might just be turning the tables and having a little fun teasing her man this time.

But should he find she isn’t joking about avoiding a pre-wedding night on the town with Levine and his crew, let’s consider this perspective:

Would Shelton really be missing out on anything extraordinary? Probably not. After all, it was Shelton who added he’s not sure how different a bachelor party and Levine’s normal life would be.

“What’s he gonna have there?” Shelton joked. “Strippers? Models? He’s had that for years now. … He’s a rock star!”

And Lambert is a huge fan of the Maroon 5 front man as an artist and a friend. Levine has even visited the country couple’s farm in Tishomingo, Okla., where they hang out and get along just fine.

No, I think this is clearly a case of an adoring wife having a little fun with her prankster hubby — or maybe Shelton just being his usual hilarious self.

Besides, why would Lambert be worried about a group of guys who cavort with Victoria’s Secret models? Did you see her new look at the recent CMA Awards? Levine’s stunning fiancée might be the one named Behati, but Lambert is one more smokin’ hottie herself.

Of course, the most important factor to consider is the true love that exists between Shelton and Lambert. That’s a bond not even a bachelor party could break. Read for yourself here.

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