Taylor Swift Is No. 1 Glamour Do

It’s probably safe to say that every girl tries her best to stay off the dreaded Glamour Don’t list. Am I right, ladies? Nobody wants to endure the shame of that black bar over her eyes while she was caught in a less-than-fabulous, possibly downright-hideous outfit.

What we all want, really, is to be a Glamour Do — someone whose style is celebrated for its simplicity, perfection, gutsiness or possibly all three. So it makes all kinds of sense that Taylor Swift is the No. 1 Do in the January issue of the magazine.

They chose Swift because of her collection of good looks, but it goes a little deeper than that. Glamour calls Swift part of the “next generation of style icons.”

They praised her and other young women in the celeb world, like actresses Selena Gomez and Hailee Steinfeld, for not looking so girly anymore.

“Even Taylor Swift, the queen of polka dots and purple, traded in her boing-y curls and matchy cardigan-dress sets for Bardot waves and metallic minis,” they said, referencing her gold shimmerific Elie Saab dress. It goes on to say the younger Swift style was darling and age-appropriate, but her new grown-up makeover screams “influencer.”

I just want to add that I think Swift has been screaming “influencer” since 2006. I mean, how many girls put on sundresses, cowboy boots and headsets for Halloween the year Swift released her debut album? How many girls started using a black Sharpie as an eyeliner when Swift admitted she did? And how many put their spiral curling irons away and heated up their flat irons when Swift started wearing her hair smooth and straight?

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