Will Mrs. Florida Georgia Line Feel at Home in Tennessee?

Now that Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley is married (to gorgeous University of Georgia student Brittney Marie Cole), is he going to need something a little bigger than a tree house to call home?

You may recall that Kelley and bandmate Tyler Hubbard recently bought new homes.

And it’s time for them to finally spend some time there.

“Me and BK are looking forward to rewarding ourselves a little bit here at the end of the year,” Hubbard said recently in a radio interview. “You know, we just bought houses and probably have only been there a handful of nights since we bought it. We’re just excited about getting back home, going to Nashville, seeing our friends, letting it all soak in. It’s been a crazy year, a lot to take in.”

Kelley’s tiny house was actually the site for his wedding on Monday (Dec. 16). He has referred to the home as a 1,500-square-foot, two-bedroom tree house that is very “vibey.” It sounds perfect for a bachelor who probably needs to escape when he’s home. But will that kind of cabin in the woods be roomy and homey enough for the newlyweds? Can the new Mrs. Kelley put a woman’s touch on something so rustic?

I know Kelley’s house isn’t the only building on his 32-acre property because after the wedding ceremony, he and his bride and their wedding guests celebrated with a tapas-style dinner in a renovated barn. So, there’s that if the tree house gets a little too cozy.

Next up for the Kelleys? A honeymoon, a dog and eventually, someday, maybe kids, according to People magazine. I’ve been trying to find other clues for their future, but both Mr. and Mrs. have just been tweeting vague happy thoughts like, “Best mornin ever #bk+bc” (his), and, “thanks for all the good vibes #” (hers).

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.