Tim McGraw Shares Epic Christmas Eve Dinner Plans

He and Wife Faith Hill Keep the Italian Tradition Alive and Well

That’s it. I’m heading to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s house for Christmas dinner.

When it comes to the holidays — Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. — Hill has said before that the most of the action at their house revolves around the kitchen or dining room. They are big on traditions involving meals. For Christmastime, McGraw’s side of the family takes over with one of his childhood favorites.

“My mother’s maiden name is D’Agastino, so it comes from an Italian family on her side,” McGraw said. “So for Christmas Eve, we always have homemade pasta, and that’s sort of a tradition that I had growing up.

“It’s continued since I’ve been married, and we look forward to that every Christmas Eve — having a big pasta dinner Christmas Eve and getting up Christmas morning and making eggs with spaghetti sauce, which is sort of a cool deal at our house.”

Yes, such a culinary concoction is a cool deal, but maybe not as cool as learning McGraw’s mom is of Italian ancestry. Did anyone else see that one coming? Fascinating!

But most importantly, this meal is a time to gather everyone together. When you’re country’s resident power couple — and you’re parents — life can get a little hectic. Between the albums, the tours, the press, PTA meetings, extracurricular activities and everyday chores and living, being together becomes a challenge.

But during the holidays, things can slow down, and the couple’s three daughters — Gracie, Maggie and Audrey — can get in on the fun, too. With Gracie and Maggie now being old enough to drive, family time is now more important than ever.

And while I’d love to know the secret to masterfully recreating McGraw’s pasta for my own holiday celebration, what I really want to know is where those two are hiding the carbohydrates. Have you seen them lately? McGraw and Hill look more fabulous and fit than ever before. Whatever Italian goodness they are cooking up in that kitchen is working!

Seriously, McGraws, let me know what time dinner is ready. I make a mean tiramisu.

Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.