At 16, Keith Urban Was “All Out of Love”

There is so much to say about this video of Keith Urban posted on the the website of the Courier-Mail newspaper in Australia, I almost don’t know where to begin. He was so sweet, so likable and, even at 16, so talented.

More than anything, I just have so many questions about Urban’s part in this Australian TV talent show.

• Why was he singing an Air Supply song? Probably because the Aussie soft rockers released “All Out of Love” in 1980, and Urban’s performance on Bert Newton’s New Faces show was just a few years after that. I’m sure it was still huge Down Under.

• Do you think Urban still has that black acoustic guitar? I’ll bet he does. He seems like a guitar hoarder … I mean, collector.

• Did judge Bobby Limb just like to hear himself talk? He goes on and on and on about what Urban is doing wrong. “What actually is showing up in your voice is just an immaturity. You’re breathing almost in the middle of phrases, which is wrong, and that is throwing your intervals out,” Limb tells him.

• How are Keith Urban’s teeth so perfect now, if he had not-so-perfect teeth back then? Did he have braces and just avoid the press for a couple years?

• What’s bigger — his shirt collar or his puffy sleeves?

• Who told him that if he was a DJ, he could promote his own songs? When the host asks Urban about his career ambition of becoming a radio announcer, he says, “I think being a radio announcer would be good publicity for a singer.”

• When Urban is being introduced, they say that he’d already played nightclubs and school dances. Will the videographers from those events please come forward?

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