Florida Georgia Line Love Their “People Back Home”

When Glamour magazine asked Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley what he likes to do when he has some time off from touring, I’ll bet they weren’t expecting him to reply, “Eat pizza naked.”

Kelley and bandmate Tyler Hubbard actually have a lot of great things to say in the story , although it’s difficult to top the naked pizza comment.

They talk about the highlights of 2013 — working with Nelly, touring with Luke Bryan and getting chummy with Alabama. But here’s something I didn’t expect. After their massive over-the-top success with their Nelly remix of “Cruise” — and the regular Nelly-free version of “Cruise,” as well — you’d think it would be their very favorite song.

But both Hubbard and Kelley says that it’s another song of theirs called “People Back Home” that they love to perform.

“That’s one of my new favorites,” Kelley said.

“It’s a special song to us, really close to our hearts,” Hubbard added. “I love it. It’s kind of our tribute song to the fans.”

With Kelley singing lead vocals and Hubbard handling the mid-song rap, the lyrics include, “We wouldn’t be here without ya/This is for my people back home/Mix it strong, pour it out, no doubt/We’re always thinking about ya.”

“It’s just been so cool to see our fans rally behind us and support our music,” Kelley said. “It’s amazing to see such passionate fans that stand outside and wait in line to buy tickets, or … wait … what did that person do for three hours? Oh, yeah, they waited outside and sang Christmas songs to win tickets to our show. Nobody told us how cool and passionate our fans would be.

Anyway, back to the pizza.

Kelley says his pizza of choice is Jet’s.

“It’s so good. Turbo crust,” he said. “Oh, it’s so good! It’s nothing fancy, but it’s great.”

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